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Is it time to upgrade your existing software?

Published on Monday, 25 February 2013

Is it time to upgrade your existing software?

Alcium Software has a superb track record in successfully migrating data from a number of popular databases and formats. We have the technical know-how and experience to handle data conversions that many other organisations would not be prepared to get involved with.

We provide a fixed price quotation for all data migrations and can usually provide a cost indication over the phone for conversions from the more popular systems.

Does my existing software suit my business?

More than 70% of firms move over to Agency Pilot because their existing software does not satisfy their current requirements. This could be because the business has changed or the software has not been developed for a significant period of time. The development of Agency Pilot is constantly under review to meet the on-going needs of our clients. The annual support and product maintenance contract ensures that you are up-to date with the latest version of the software.

Is my current software still supported?

With the on-set of new versions of operating platforms and Internet browsers, suppliers need to continually develop products to ensure compatibility with the latest hardware and software platforms. All our software systems are backed by a maintenance contract. Since its foundation the company has gained a reputation for consistently leading the industry as an early adopter of technologies. This ensures that our systems keep pace with the latest developments so that any client wishing to upgrade to the latest versions of operating system or browser, can do so with the knowledge that our systems are compatible.

Alcium Software has the resource to research and develop our products to meet the future demands of the industry.

Does the aftercare support I receive justify the on-going costs?

Alcium Software closes out 90% of all reported calls on the initial call. Alcium Software has an excellent track record in customer support and we recommend contacting any of our existing clients to get their views on our levels of service.

Will the new software have features that will make my work more efficient?

Agency Pilot has been designed to streamline processes. Our software has a number of time saving features to allow all levels of users to become more efficient. We have a vast amount of experience in implementing business improvement processes either manually or via systems.

Has the software been out long enough to detect any significant problems?

With all new software solutions there is a period of time before a system achieves stability in the market place. Alcium Software has over 15 years experience of supplying software to the commercial property industry. Alcium Software has quality systems in place to ensure all our products are thoroughly tested prior to release. We provide a beta testing programme allowing organisations to trial new developments prior to all major releases.

Will my current supplier survive during the current economic climate?

Since its inception Alcium Software has maintained regular growth and profitability with no bank borrowing. In the current economic climate we have delivered strong results, way ahead of our initial expectations, especially in the IT sector. Alcium Software benefits from having a business model with a high proportion of predictable and recurring revenues. This model, together with a strong order book means we should be well positioned in the future.

Confidence about the future of their investment is the most important factor when setting up a company today. In this regard, there are many software suppliers, big or small, with an air of uncertainty over the future of their product range due to a fall in turnover and dwindling profits or a lack of financial transparency. Others get embroiled in mergers and acquisitions that have a severe impact on the consistency of their product policy.

Is it easier to get somebody else to write a bespoke package for me?

Software development costs get out of control fast, partly because it's so difficult to make accurate estimates in advance.  Bespoke software projects can chronically run late, exceed budget, and go out the door too quick and bug-laden, if at all.  Developing a bespoke product will require resource from all levels of a business (not just IT). 

Agency Pilot is an extremely flexible software solution. Customisation is quick, easy and minimal IT knowledge is required.  The Agency Pilot product spans over 40 man years of development. Alcium Software offer bespoke development services for clients who have specific system requirements. All bespoke development is based on a tried and tested core product.

If you need any further information or require a no-obligation demonstration of Agency Pilot, feel free to contact us


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