Distributing property documents among interested parties is laborious. Sharing sensitive documents such as tenancy schedules, legal packs, planning information, and building certificates is necessary, but involves sending multiple emails, adopting new strategies to share large attachments, circulating amended versions...

Enter Data Rooms!

Data rooms are virtual environments used to share sensitive documents easily and safely, so offer the perfect solution to this frustration endured by property professionals for a long time.

Data rooms make information more available to those that need it so deals are able to happen more quickly, and free up time that fee earners would have previously spent file sharing. It's no surprise they are so popular among CRE agents!

Agency Pilot CRM Data Rooms

Agency Pilot CRM offers in-built data room technology:

  • Select property details and documents directly from a property record to create a data room to showcase your listing
  • Easily invite interested parties to access the data room
  • Maintain control over who has access to sensitive documents in the data room by implementing one of three restriction levels
  • Track data room activity and see which interested parties are interacting with which files

Click here to find out how your business can join others in faster, more secure document sharing with Agency Pilot CRM data rooms.

Amy Trueman, 28th June 2023

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