Centralise your properties, applicants, workflow and marketing.
Applicant Management

Securely store applicants and their requirements via a central database. Advanced search functionality and predefined email templates make it quick and easy to match applicants to properties and send out details. Viewings, offers, emails and other marketing activity can be stored and reported on.

Marketing & Analytics

Instantly generate marketing material, power your website, feed directly to property portals, track your enquiries and more. In-built tools aim to support digital marketing efforts and analysis. 

Website Integration
Power your website with live property information.

Property Portals
Let us disseminate your property information to any participating listing sites you have accounts with.

Property Particulars
Generate particulars and other marketing material from the system directly to PDF or via Word.

Data Rooms
Create and control data rooms from within the system. Set them up with or without a registration page depending on the sensitivity of the data and track the data room activity.

Client Management

Full CRM capabilities allow you to record and keep track of correspondence with clients in real-time. Record and access interactions with your contacts, all made easier with dynamic Microsoft Outlook integration.

Client Portals
Give your premium clients a portal they can access to view marketing activity on their own properties.

Disbursement and Fee Recording
Record detailed financial information for any disbursements, expenses or fees. Generate invoices and credit notes or export the information to pass the information to accounts or for further analysis.


Status-based workflow is available throughout the agency lifecycle. Each time a property moves from one status to another, the system can prompt users what they need to do next based on your internal processes.

Recording Transactions and Lease Events

Store detailed transaction information against properties within the system when a deal is achieved. Full transaction information can be recorded and advanced reports generated in custom formats. Lease event reminders will be generated for any scheduled breaks, rent reviews and/or the lease expiry on rental transactions.

Integrations with third party systems, including EG Radius, is also available. See our Integrations page for more information.

Advanced Reporting

Generate custom reports at the click of a button across properties, applicants, requirements and more across the system. Report templates can be set up to export data to Excel and Word depending on the specific requirements of the report.

In-built data visualisation tools allow for intuitive reporting via a user-friendly interface, making it easier to analyse and manipulate your data.


Deal with residential properties as well? Agency Pilot CRM can be used for residential lettings and disposals as well as commercial.