Client Management

Agency Pilot CRM is speficially designed software for commercial property. Made to help you manage interactions with customers, clients, and other contacts. Our system includes tools for organising, automating, and synchronising business processes. This makes marketing and customer service efficient and more organised. 

A surveyor’s network of contacts is their most valuable asset. With the use of our CRM system, surveyor's and agents alike can utilise their contacts more efficiently. By consistently contacting current customers they increase customer retention and with our CRM system they can also easily keep track of new leads, which in turn will increase sales. 

Centralised Data

All departments can use the Agency Pilot CRM system to provide a coordinated, seamless flow of information throughout the business. As a result, workflow, quality, and efficiency improve, overall costs fall, and customer service and retention rise. 

Our CRM system can help you manage and improve relationships with current and prospective customers and suppliers.  

Agency Pilot CRM provides you with customer data, allowing you to understand them better. This in turn allows you to cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, close deals, and retain current customers. 


Agency Pilot CRM is fully GDPR compliant.

An important element of GDPR is to have a complete audit trail of data collection and modification particularly relevant to changes in individual preference changes.

The Future of Property

It is time to turn your data into action. 

CRM systems allow property agents and surveyors to organise their data and streamline their workflow.  

The property industry has very inefficient habits and outdated ways of doing things. Manually filing paper, not keeping track of contact made with customers, and using multiple systems. APCRM are heavily investing in the future of the commercial property business by developing an advanced system that can do it all. By building partnerships with other widely used technologies we are ensuring that anything your business might need, we can provide.  

Our Agency Pilot CRM system utilises the use of Artificial Intelligence to ensure you always have the best data. Using the collected data allows you to identify potential customers before they become active in the market. All this, combined with our other integrated tools means you will always be ahead of the competition.