Client Management

Agency Pilot CRM is used for managing interactions with customers, clients and other contacts. The system has embedded facilities to organise, automate, and synchronise business processes for marketing, customer service and support.

Centralised Data

Agency, Professional and other departments can use the system to provide a co-ordinated, seamless flow of information throughout the business. This results in improved quality and efficiency, a reduction in overall costs, and enhanced customer service and retention.

Agency Pilot CRM also provides you with the customer data to allow you to cross-sell and up sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and understand who the customer is.

CRM helps to manage and improve relationships with both current and prospective customers and suppliers.


Agency Pilot CRM is fully GDPR compliant.

An important element of GDPR is to have a complete audit trail of data collection and modification particularly relevant to changes in individual preference changes.

The future moving beyond CRM

Although CRM tools allow companies to organise their data and can assist with workflow, it’s time to turn the data into action, whilst providing a greater emphasis on workflow.

Using a CRM to look up a contact and getting their email or phone number misses the point. A surveyor’s network of contacts is their most valuable asset and those relationships and interactions are important. Utilising the contacts more efficiently and improving the workflow can help surveyors to remember to contact people consistently and help in prospecting for new leads.

The industry has very inefficient habits and outdated ways of doing things such as manual paper filing, and using multiple disparate systems. Alcium Software are investing heavily in building partnerships with technology partners to streamline the business processes of our clients.

Utilising the data collected and improving the technology through Artificial Intelligence will provide the platform for our clients to stay ahead of the competition by identifying potential customers before they become active in the market.