Take advantage of a full workflow and valuation tool covering all sectors

Agency Pilot CRM allows property surveyors to share data and research for easy collaboration. 

Our property CRM system provides a powerful workflow and valuation tool, enabling property surveyors to work and gather information faster. Using our CRM system your Valuation evidence can be better organised and more accessible, reducing the average valuation time by 30%. 

The whole valuation process and associated workflow can be recorded in an electronic format. Meaning any associated documents or files are stored within the case file as per RICS regulations. 

Comparable Research and Inspections

Agency Pilot CRM system makes data collection simple - saving time and effort. 

When a job is set up, property surveyors can gather data from a variety of sources and save it straight to the system. Comparables can then be found, aggregated, and exported as bespoke reports. 

Property surveyors can take photos and upload them from their smartphones into the CRM system. Our bespoke data capture forms allow surveyors to collect information that will form the basis of valuation reports. 

Document creation and management

Document creation has never been easier than with Agency Pilot CRM.  

Our system seamlessly integrates with a variety of technologies, including Microsoft word. This means all regulatory documentation such as quotations, terms of engagement, and valuation reports can easily be produced. 

Email Integration and Cloud Storage

Using our email integration features, all email correspondence can be stored at a click of a button directly from your Outlook inbox. 

In a single click, every element of data and research can be archived and saved, providing vital evidence should a client or legal team require it. 

Data Integration

Agency Pilot CRM integrates with EPC, Planning, Land Registry and Business Rates to provide a one-stop shop of information to aid the surveyor.