An industry-wide data-sharing culture increases the amount of available information and levels up intelligence. As market transparency improves, professionals are better informed and can make smarter decisions.

CRE firms are notoriously protective of their data, but this is beginning to change. EG Radius is an example of a data exchange platform used by many to share transaction and property data. Agents and surveyors willingly disclose deal information in exchange for the vast number of opportunities presented by access to information.

Agency Pilot CRM now integrates with EG Radius - users can publish their available properties and deals done while choosing which information to disclose and maintaining control. This integration is free to Agency Pilot CRM users, making it quick, easy, and inexpensive to share high quality data.

Agency Pilot CRM integrates with several leading platforms at no extra cost to the user, including EG Radius, a long list of listing sites, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Power BI, Companies House... these integrations make Agency Pilot CRM all the more powerful, while simplifying business processes. Find out more on our website.

Amy Trueman, 20th February 2023

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